Job Openings

First Place Scholars prides itself on a workplace of highly trained and culturally competent staff. Our staff will participate in over 100 hours of training in topics such as educating children with trauma, child development, cultural competency, CPR/First Aid, and much more.


We are currently accepting applications for the following position:


Key attributes we are seeking in our teachers:

Mission/School Fit

• Demonstrates mission-alignment
• Is a team player/flexible
• Demonstrates professional manners/behaviors
• Demonstrates skills and development needs that are a good fit with First Place Scholars

Teaching Ability

• Effectively manages design and delivery of rigorous and appropriate instructional activities
• Manages classroom effectively
• Demonstrates knowledge of planning lessons, selecting instructional strategies, and assessing students.

Growth Mindset

• Seeks and welcomes feedback from others
• Reflects regularly on performance to identify areas for improvement
• Applies lessons from previous experience to future endeavors
• Accesses resources to support self-development


• Demonstrates specific, measureable success in achieving student learning and other goals (sets and meets ambitious goals)
• Demonstrates initiative and general willingness to take on challenges as well as a history of overcoming them

If you are interested in working at First Place we encourage you to get involved through volunteering.