First Place flies to a new future.

Thanks to you.

Dear Friends:

On Wednesday morning, April 30, 2014, community members from all around Seattle gathered together to celebrate 25 years of First Place at our Where Hope Begins Breakfast. Hosted at The Museum of Flight, this event was certainly one to remember.

The morning began with a captivating vocal performance by Board Member, Josie Howell, followed by a warm introduction by long time emcee, Linda Byron, and her two energetic 6th grade co-hosts, Mimi Kadir and Maryam Mohamed. I spoke about the powerful history of First Place and Board President Dan Seydel presented the forecast of our exciting future as the first Washington State Public Charter School.

This year’s guest speakers were individuals who experience the impact of First Place everyday–5th Grader, Riley James Bell and Imani Village resident, Joi McClure. Both shared meaningful stories about their challenges, goals, and relationship with First Place. Each demonstrated undeniable perseverance and inspiration that quickly brought the entire room to their feet in a roaring applause.

The joy, hope (and SUN!) that was felt on Wednesday morning shows the power of the incredible community that supports First Place. I am thrilled to say that we raised $66,915 through this event.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to each of you. Whether you are a long time supporter or new friend to First Place, thank you for standing with us. Because of you, students and families can have the education, resources, and support they need to overcome the challenges of poverty and crisis.


With gratitude,

Sheri Day
Acting Executive Director

If you were not able to join us for the Where Hope Begins Breakfast and would like to make a gift, you can donate online here.



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Future State Representative Briefs Rep. Eric Pettigrew

Pettigrew and First Place Scholar

Pettigrew and First Place Scholar

A First Place Student shares her thoughts about policy with Representative Eric Pettigrew of the 37th District, Seattle. First Place has existed for 25 years to educate at grade level and above children who live in highly mobile and extremely poor families, many are homeless, all are like any other children, they are capable of learning from high expectation teachers, stay at grade level, enroll in and complete college. We think that it is this desire that led Rep. Pettigrew to back public charter schools in Washington. First Place is submitting a proposal to become a public charter school.

First Place students learn at a young age the importance of knowing the ways that public policy can positively or negatively affect lives. This knowing is linked with the need to educate those who make decisions that create these policies. This child wants to grow into her brilliance and from what we can see here, being poor will not stop her.

Because First Place children and parents are active and contributing residents of Seattle when they call, elected officials answer. They want what all children should be guaranteed; a home in a safe neighborhood, parents with above poverty income, health care and an excellent education. First Place students speak, Rep. Pettigrew listens.

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Hope, Home, and Education for every child, one family at a time

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